Ring of Lightning
Box art
Expansion Steam Siege
Types used Psychic-attack


Coin Unknown

The Ring of Lightning theme deck is a deck from Steam Siege. It is a Lightning-Psychic type theme deck.

It comes with damage counters, condition markers, coins, and a mat. It is based around Hoopa Unbound.


Two cards are exclusive to this deck, which is the Rare Holo Hoopa and the non-holo Ampharos.

Card list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Hoopa Psychic-attack Rarity Rare Holo
Hoopa Psychic-attack Rarity Rare
Drifblim Psychic-attack Rarity Uncommon
Drifloon Psychic-attack Rarity Common
Lampent Psychic-attack Rarity Uncommon
Litwick Psychic-attack Rarity Common
Galvantula Lightning-attack


Rarity Rare
Joltik Lightning-attack Rarity Common
Ampharos Lightning-attack Rarity Rare
Flaaffy Lightning-attack Rarity Uncommon
Mareep Lightning-attack Rarity Common
Ambipom Colorless-attack Rarity Uncommon
Aipom Colorless-attack Rarity Common
Hawlucha Colorless-attack Rarity Uncommon
Energy Retrieval I Rarity Uncommon
Evosoda I Rarity Uncommon
Ninja Boy Su Rarity Uncommon
Potion I Rarity Uncommon
Professor's Letter I Rarity Uncommon
Shauna Su Rarity Uncommon
Tierno Su Rarity Uncommon
Ultra Ball I Rarity Uncommon
10× Psychic Energy Psychic-attack E
Lightning Energy Lightning-attack E

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