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Pokémon card


 '''Pokemon name''' (Japanese: '''Japanese name''' ''Romaji'') is a [[type]] [[Stage  Pokémon]] first released in the [[]] expansion.

 == Card data ==
 |powertype = Pokémon
 |type =
 |name =
 |jname =
 |jtrans =
 |effect =}}
 |position = Top/Bottom
 |type = 
 |cost = {{e|}}
 |name = 
 |jname = 
 |jtrans =
 |damage =
 |effect = }}
 ===Pokédex data===
 |type =
 |name = 
 |species =
 |ndex =
 |height = "
 |weight = 
 |dex = 
 |jdex = {{tt||}}
 |jheight = 
 |jweight =}}
==Release info===

Trainer cards

 |cardname = 
 |jname =
 |jtrans = 
 |image = 
 |caption = Illustrated by}}

Template:TrainercardInfobox/Expansion is the same as Template:CardInfobox/Expansion.

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