Welcome to the Pokémon Trading Card Wiki!
This wiki is all about the Pokémon Trading Card Game, its cards, and its gameplay. It is one of the biggest card games, with over 15 billion individual cards printed.


  • We have 111 articles.
  • We have 1,038 pages, which includes redirects, templates, and categories.
  • We have 366 files, which are images or sound or video files.
  • We have 1,790 edits made on the wiki.


The wiki was founded by Alan Grant around October or November 2008. The wiki soon had several users, but was soon abandoned around 2012.

Around 2015, zeldafan511 adopted the wiki and started to rebuild the wiki. However, progress has been slow.

That's why we need more users!


While Alan Grant has been inactive, he still remains the founder of the wiki. zeldafan511 is an admin, and is looking for more.

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