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April 1st


We hope you enjoy the Pokemon TCG Website! Spring is here and there could be no better time to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game then right now! It is time to prepare for the Fall 2013 season! In other news, we need to create more pages to help the public get a better understanding of the Pokemon Trading Card Game! I have made a list of pages that should be created. It would be very appreciated and welcomed! Here is a list of pages that should be created:

1. Pokemon in Popular Culture

2. Electric Type

3. Gameplay of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (This page should explain how the Pokemon TCG is played, including the rules of the game)

4. All the Pokemon films (Please include images of the film posters (both English and Japanese) on the page)

5. Tournament Play of the Pokemon Trading Card Game

6. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

7. Wizards of the Coast

8. Pokemon Red and Blue

9. The Pokémon Company

10. Pokémon Trainer Challenge

11. Status condition

12. Team Rocket Set

13. Pokemon Yellow

14. Pokemon Gold and Silver

15. Dragon Type

16. Pokemon Black and White

Thank you! - Alan Grant (Creator of the Pokemon TCG Wiki)

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