Next Destinies

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Next Destinies (Japanese: サイコドライブ・ヘイルブリザード Psycho Drive - Hail Blizzard) is the fifth expansion of Black and White. They contain the first maps of the entire EX series of Black and White. Here you have more info about the series Next Destinies.

Set description

Pokémon Trading Card Game players everywhere, get prepared for the return of Pokémon-EX cards in the fourth expansion of the Black & White series: Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Next Destinies! Using advanced powers and new strategies, Trainers will battle like never before with awesomely powerful Pokémon, including two versions of six different Pokémon-EX!

Pokémon-EX are more powerful versions of Pokémon, giving Trainers great rewards when used effectively. But beware: Trainers also suffer heavier losses when those Pokémon are defeated! In Black & White—Next Destinies, players will find more than 100 Pokémon, including some—like Mewtwo-EX—from beyond the Unova region for the first time in this expansion! Discover elusive Pokémon like Reshiram-EX and Zekrom-EX. Black & White—Next Destinies delivers your destiny: Pokémon with exceptional HP, Special Energy and Trainer Card with expanded powers, and new strategies to extend your victory streaks!


  • Released:
    • Japanese: September 16, 2011
    • English: February 8, 2011
  • Cards in set:
    • Japanese: 114
    • English: 103
  • Theme Decks:

Card list

No. Card name Type Rarity
1/99 Pinsir Grass Rarity Rare
2/99 Seedot Grass Rarity Common
3/99 Kricketot Grass Rarity Common
4/99 Kricketune Grass Rarity Uncommon
5/99 Shaymin-EX Grass Rarity Rare Holo EX
6/99 Pansage Grass Rarity Common
7/99 Simisage Grass Rarity Rare
8/99 Foongus Grass Rarity Common
9/99 Amoonguss Grass Rarity Rare
10/99 Growlithe Fire Rarity Common
11/99 Growlithe Fire Rarity Common
12/99 Arcanine Fire Rarity Rare
13/99 Arcanine Fire Rarity Uncommon
14/99 Moltres Fire Rarity Rare Holo
15/99 Pansear Fire Rarity Common
16/99 Simisear Fire Rarity Rare
17/99 Darumaka Fire Rarity Common
18/99 Litwick Fire Rarity Common
19/99 Lampent Fire Rarity Uncommon
20/99 Chandelure Fire Rarity Rare Holo
21/99 Reshiram Fire Rarity Rare
22/99 Reshiram-EX Fire Rarity Rare Holo EX
23/99 Staryu Water Rarity Common
24/99 Starmie Water Rarity Uncommon
25/99 Lapras Water Rarity Rare
26/99 Lapras Water Rarity Uncommon
27/99 Articuno Water Rarity Rare Holo
28/99 Panpour Water Rarity Common
29/99 Simipour Water Rarity Rare
30/99 Basculin Water Rarity Uncommon
31/99 Vanillite Water Rarity Common
32/99 Vanillish Water Rarity Uncommon
33/99 Vanilluxe Water Rarity Rare Holo
34/99 Frillish Water Rarity Uncommon
35/99 Jellicent Water Rarity Rare
36/99 Cubchoo Water Rarity Common
37/99 Beartic Water Rarity Rare
38/99 Kyurem-EX Water Rarity Rare Holo EX
39/99 Pikachu Lightning Rarity Common
40/99 Raichu Lightning Rarity Uncommon
41/99 Zapdos Lightning Rarity Rare Holo
42/99 Shinx Lightning Rarity Common
43/99 Shinx Lightning Rarity Common
44/99 Luxio Lightning Rarity Uncommon
45/99 Luxio Lightning Rarity Uncommon
46/99 Luxray Lightning Rarity Rare Holo
47/99 Blitzle Lightning Rarity Common
48/99 Zebstrika Lightning Rarity Rare
49/99 Emolga Lightning Rarity Uncommon
50/99 Zekrom Lightning Rarity Rare
51/99 Zekrom-EX Lightning Rarity Rare Holo EX
52/99 Grimer Psychic Rarity Common
53/99 Muk Psychic Rarity Rare
54/99 Mewtwo-EX Psychic Rarity Rare Holo EX
55/99 Ralts Psychic Rarity Common
56/99 Kirlia Psychic Rarity Uncommon
57/99 Gardevoir Psychic Rarity Rare Holo
58/99 Munna Psychic Rarity Common
59/99 Musharna Psychic Rarity Rare
60/99 Darmanitan Psychic Rarity Rare
61/99 Elgyem Psychic Rarity Common
62/99 Beheeyem Psychic Rarity Rare
63/99 Riolu Fighting Rarity Common
64/99 Lucario Fighting Rarity Rare Holo
65/99 Hippopotas Fighting Rarity Common
66/99 [[Hippowdown (Next Destinies)|Hippowdown Fighting Rarity Uncommon
67/99 Mienfoo Fighting Rarity Common
68/99 Mienshao Fighting Rarity Uncommon
69/99 Sneasel Darkness Rarity Common
70/99 Weavile Darkness Rarity Rare
71/99 [[Nuzleaf (Next Destinies)|Nuzleaf] Darkness Rarity Uncommon
72/99 Shiftry Darkness Rarity Rare
73/99 Scraggy Darkness Rarity Uncommon
74/99 Scrafty File:Darkness Rarity Rare Holo
75/99 Bronzor Metal Rarity Common
76/99 Bronzong Metal Rarity Rare
77/99 Ferroseed Metal Rarity Common
78/99 Jigglypuff Colorless Rarity Uncommon