ミニスカート Miniskirt
<sc>Team Plasma</sc>
Illustrated by Ken Sugimori
English expansion Base Set
Rarity Rarity Rare
English card no. 75/102
Japanese expansion Expansion Pack
Japanese Rarity Rarity Rare
Expansion Base Set 2
Rarity Rarity Rare
English card no. 104/130
Card GB set Laboratory
Card GB ID D45
Card GB 2 set Psychic Battle
Card GB 2 ID D53

Lass is a Trainer card from Base Set.

Card text

All prints
AceSpec You can't have more than 1 ACE SPEC card in your deck.
You and your opponent show each other your hands, then shuffle all the Trainer cards from your hands into your decks.
width="110px" class="roundyleft" style="background: #Template:TCG Trainer color light;" |
style="color:#000000; background: #Template:TCG Trainer color light;" | Do Nothing width="80px" class="roundyright" style="color:#000000; background: #Template:TCG Trainer color light;" |  
At the beginning of your turn, flip a coin. If heads, you can do nothing during your turn. If tails, your opponent can do nothing during his or her next turn.

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