Blackout English
Expansion Base Set
Types used Water-attack


Coin Coin Chansey Base Set Wizards

Blackout is a theme deck focusing on Water type and Fighting type from Base Set.

Box description

Leave your rivals in the dark as you destroy their Energy with the Fighting and Water Pokémon in this "Blackout" deck!

Card list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Sandshrew Fighting-attack Rarity Common
Machop Fighting-attack Rarity Common
Machoke Fighting-attack Rarity Uncommon
Onix Fighting-attack Rarity Common
Hitmonchan Fighting-attack Rarity Rare Holo
Squirtle Water-attack Rarity Common
Wartortle Water-attack Rarity Uncommon
Staryu Water-attack Rarity Common
Farfetch'd Colorless-attack Rarity Uncommon
Energy Removal T Rarity Common
Gust of Wind T Rarity Common
PlusPower T Rarity Uncommon
Professor Oak T Rarity Uncommon
Super Energy Removal T Rarity Rare
16× Fighting Energy Fighting-attack E
12× Water Energy Water-attack E