2-Player Starter Set
2 Player Starter Set
Expansion Base Set
Types used Fighting-attack


The 2-Player Starter Set was a deck specifically made for beginners. It includes 61 cards, split into 2 decks of 30 cards for two players. One focuses on Fire and one focuses on Fighting. There is also an extra Machamp. It includes a rulebook, damage counters and card list. It does not come with a coin, but every card does not require a coin.

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Diglett Fighting-attack Rarity Common
Machop Fighting-attack Rarity Common
Machoke Fighting-attack Rarity Uncommon
Machamp Fighting-attack Rarity Rare Holo
Ponyta Fire-attack Rarity Common
Charmander Fire-attack Rarity Common
Charmeleon Fire-attack Rarity Uncommon
Growlithe Fire-attack Rarity Uncommon
Rattata Colorless-attack Rarity Common
Dratini Colorless-attack Rarity Uncommon
Bill T Rarity Common
Energy Removal T Rarity Common
Energy Retrieval T Rarity Uncommon
Gust of Wind T Rarity Common
Pokédex T Rarity Uncommon
Potion T Rarity Common
Switch T Rarity Common
14× Fighting Energy Fighting-attack E
14× Fire Energy Fire-attack E

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